Brighton Pallet Deliveries

Pallet Collection and Delivery in Brighton and Hove

pallet delivery in brightonNeed pallet deliveries for small business or builders in and around the Brighton and Hove area? Bright One’s transit tipper delivery service covers all of Sussex and keeps the cost of pallet collection and delivery low.

These days more than ever, you need to get your palleted goods to their destination quickly, reliably and as cheaply as possible. That’s why whatever your requirements – and however small or remote your collection and delivery locations may be – we offer a simple and straightforward service that ensures your goods arrive on time at a price that won’t break the bank.

Palleted goods and materials delivered to your door

Bright One’s pallet collection and delivery service is ideal for those larger items that are too big to fit in a box but are to heavy to lift, such as manufactured goods, building materials, furniture and anything that can be loaded onto a pallet.

Full Loads: Like any type of haulage, if your load is going to take up the entirety of our transit tipper you will be saving more than when transporting just one pallet.

Partial Load: If you only need to move one or two pallets, or wish to break up a large delivery, that’s fine. This method is that you can fill up space on part-empty journeys, potentially saving costs.

Pallet Courier: Any small scale deliveries may be handled by couriers, if you’re only moving a couple of pallet loads then this is an option open to you.

Dedicated: Our driver, Matt, will pick up and deliver your pallets on time and on budget, meaning they don’t spend any time waiting.

Insurance: As you will be moving a large number of goods it’s important to know that our collection and delivery services are full insured to protect your property and goods.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everthing we do at Bright One. Rest assured, we stick to schedules and budgets so that your delivery goes to plan and to your wishes – guaranteed.